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About Us

China V-TRUST is a bag manufacturer and exporter. We have over 11 years experience for manufacturing all kind of polyester and nylon bags such as sport bag, picnic bag, backpack, school bag , travel bag ,tennis bag, ski&boot bags, rucksack , wallet ,promotional bag ect. With high quality, competitive prices, best service and punctual shipment are always at our aim.

China V-TRUST has always been designing ,manufacturing and marketing a diverse portfolio of high quality outdoor products for a better life. Customer own designs are cordially welcome for OEM manufacturing.

Every year we come up with over 350 new styles .At V-TRUST everything begins with a dream and comes to life in the gifted hands of our professional engineers. Design by an expert team meet expectations in every aspect from function to safety .

Once you've confirmed your samples. Our 20 production lines in 20,000 square meter factory and 800 skilled workers go into action. Our quality control is rigorous . A piece-by piece inspection at multiple stages ensures near-flawless results. We provide facts and report what we see during producing .

China V-TRUST is a company that is totally focused achieving success. The best forever idea will also play a key role in the company's growth. A strong team unified by a dynamic vision. This is China V-TRUST, Your reliable sourcing partner. A company focus on making everything best forever.


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