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E-MAIL: tina@v-trustsports.com
Why Deal with Us ?
The service elements are outlined in detail on the website, but why use our factory when you can source and order from the other factories?

If you are located thousands of miles away and want to avoid frequent long distance and time consuming trips to review development and manufacture, you certainly would benefit from someone to continually represent YOUR interests during production.

1  Working in your interest 每 we only represent you, act on your behalf and work to protect your best interests, guided by principals of transparency,  honesty,ethics and integrity. We provide facts and report what we see

2  Cost & Quality Efficiency - You have no fixed sourcing overheads, but instead a complete professional team at your fingertips who are motivated by intense competition and offer  the optimum combination of manufacturing cost efficiency & quality compliance.

3  Development and Quality Control is our business, that*s what our professional  teams do best. Customers can concentrate on their core business, whether  it*s marketing, business development or distribution in your home country.

4  Communication 每 With dedicated teams of professionals, fluent both in English and in local languages, details are clearly understood.

5  Attitude & Culture 每 Customers want action and judge only by results,  understanding processes as well as local attitude and culture enables us to plan and understand what*s actually achievable, not what is promised!

6  Delivery Reliability 每 close monitoring enables us to assess and drive the production process, whilst providing real time, accurate and factual updates of  the production status.

Don*t take chances, you need reliability you can count on 每  trust  V-TRUST !
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